Thursday, March 19, 2009

You CAN Have an Iced Latte/Mocha - Starbucks Style!

I live in Seattle, and I'll admit it. I'm a coffee snob. So when Starbucks came out with their new instant coffee, called Starbucks Via, I was completely seemed like brand confusion to me. Why would Starbucks want to market instant coffee next to their ultra expensive designer lattes? And no one can tell me that instant coffee is as good as freshly ground beans. Sorry. I don't get it.

So you might be wondering why I'm writing a blog entry about them in a blog on being dairy and soy free. Well, as much as I think Starbucks is seriously confused for introducing this product, I have to say that as a coffee-loving, dairy and soy free individual, these handly little pouches of caffiene have made a nice addition to my beverage menu. When I first gave up soy and dairy, I realized it put a serious crimp in my coffee drinking. I miss going to Starbucks in the afternoon for an iced latte or mocha. But with the introduction of Starbucks Via, I'm now able to enjoy an iced mocha or latte that's pretty dang good.
If you live in Seattle or Chicago, you can buy Starbucks Via at any of their stores. Otherwise, you have to order off their Web site. A pack of 12 costs $9.95 and each packet makes one drink.

Iced Dairy/Soy Free Latte (or Mocha)

  1. Mix one packet of Starbucks Via in a tall glass with 8 oz. cold oat milk.
  2. Stir until the coffee completely dissolves.
  3. Add sugar if you like your lattes a bit sweet, or to make a mocha, add a heaping spoonfull of your favorite dairy and soy-free cocoa mix. I've found Lake Champlain Mocha Hot Chocolate at Whole Foods works well. Read labels - it can be hard to find a hot chocolate mix that's dairy and soy free.
  4. Add some ice and taste. Depending on how intense you like your coffee, you may need to add some more oat milk if it's too strong.

That's it. Grab a straw and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks - it's a great reminder that I'm not stuck without my beloved coffee - just need to find a way to store some goat's milk at work