Sunday, March 29, 2009

Purely Decadent and Soy/Dairy Free!

One of my biggest hurdles with a dairy/soy free diet is that ice cream is off the menu. I LOVE ice cream. When I was pregnant with my daughter, it was one of my biggest cravings...cliche, I know, but true. So giving up ice cream was hard. Still is. I miss it. Thankfully, life as I know it is not over because...drum roll, please....there are alternatives.....
First let me say that it is absolutely imparative that you read labels. Things that seem like they might be safe are not always. For example, there are a lot of rice milk-based ice creams on the market. They taste pretty good and there are a plethora of flavors to satisfy most cravings. But many of them contain soy. So always check. I think that should be my motto. HA!
In any case, this post is suppose to be a product review, so I'll get to it.
The best alternative I've found to dairy ice cream is coconut milk ice cream. It's actually really good, although not exactly the healthiest of choices...but hey, who ever said ice cream was healthy? Am I right?
Purely Decadent has several coconut milk ice cream flavors. My favorite is their chocolate.

They also have vanilla bean (which has a pretty strong coconut flavor, in my opinion), coconut, passionate mango, and mocha almond fudge, which is quite good. If you don't like coconut, this product is probably not for you. The chocolate and mocha almond fudge flavors have a pretty subtle coconut flavor, but if you're a coconut hater, like my husband, you will taste it.
Now back to my motto - always check the labels! Purely Decadent makes a few delicious sounding coconut ice creams that DO contain soy...the above mentioned flavors are safe though. OK. 'Nough said. Happy ice cream eating!


  1. I love this ice cream! I just wish it were a wee bit cheaper.

  2. The mocha almond fudge is amazing! I love it. This is a lifessaver since I like ice cream with a nuty, crunchy texture. Finding dairy/soy free stuff is so hard. This is a winner. Just as good as the real thing.

  3. I recommend Coconut Bliss, which is based out of Eugene, OR. I like the texture better than Purely Decadent. It's smoother and creamier,in my opinion. Similarly, the vanilla has a strong coconut flavor.

  4. I just discovered these and I love them. Also really excited to discover this blog - just found our DS has an allergy and I am going diary and soy free. Have to try the mocha almond fudge - I like the vanilla and chocolate, but want the crunch :)