Friday, March 13, 2009

Make a Sandwich and Eat it Too!

When you can't have dairy, sandwiches lose some of their luster...there's just something about a cheese-less sandwich that seems so lacking...but I've found a great alternative that's completely soy and dairy free.
A few things to note about this sandwich and ensuring that it's completely dairy and soy must read the labels on the supermarket breads. Many of them contain dairy and even more of them will contain soy. Try the freshly baked breads in the grocery store bakery. Local brands are also a good bet. If at all possible, bake your own bread.
Secondly, as you have probably discovered, most mayo contains soy. Fret not! There is hope...and it's called Spectrum brand canola mayonnaise. I've found it at WholeFoods, PCC, and even TopFoods...check the natural foods section of your local grocery store.
Chicken Salad Sandwich with Arugula
2 thick slices dairy/soy free bread of your choice
Canned chunk chicken in water
Spectrum canola mayonnaise
Pickle relish (I prefer Wickles)
Freshly ground black pepper
Mix the chicken with a couple of spoonfuls of mayo until the chicken is just careful not to add too much, thus resulting in a soggy sandwich. Add a few generous spoonfuls of relish and a couple of good grinds of pepper. Mix well.
Toast your bread (vital - do not skip this step - I swear it "makes" the sandwich).
While the bread is still piping hot, pile the chicken salad on and top with arugula and the final slice of bread. Note that while other types of greens (bib lettuce, red leaf, etc) are all nice, the spicy tang of the arugula really are key to this sandwich's succes.
That's it! Enjoy!!!!


  1. Rudi's makes a dairy/soy free bread, and Hellmann's makes a soy free mayo (Canola Cholesterol Free with a yellow top) thats affordable and that you can find coupons for. I also make my own bread, but Rudi's has a few different kinds of breads that I've found for about $4 a loaf!

  2. I second the Hellmann's Canola mayo. It's very tasty and inexpensive.